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The Fabulosity Of A VR Pornstar Lena Paul

Lena Paul

A Little Something About Her Life Before Porn

The Fabulosity Of A VR Pornstar Lena Paul – We know Lena Paul as a beautiful, busty and curvalicious young pornstar. The second she entered the porn industry, she was promising. And look at her now! She has millions of fans worldwide, a perfect network that shows us she is rich and glamorous, and she is only 28, but already so famous! She has even been awarded multiple times! But how did it all start for this shapely knockout?

First of all, she is an American adult star. She was born in Georgia in 1993. Since she was born in October, she is a Libra, and they say this zodiac sign is the most beautiful. After all, so many Libras are truly magnificent and gorgeous women. They are also smart and eloquent, and they like taking care of their bodies. Maybe this is why Lena Paul is so enchanting – she works out, she probably doesn’t eat carbs and her body is so slim and perfect.

Maybe you know Lena Paul as a VR pornstar on various premium sites, but she is also a cam girl, an erotic model and a social media influencer. Well, she is a starlet, and we all know so many young women like to follow these. Whatever Lena does and wherever she appears, somehow this divalicious pornstar manages to attract many fans and followers. On Insta, she has millions of them, and so many likes and shares! She is also very popular on porn sites.

But did you know she had a graduate degree in Agriculture? Unfortunately, you can’t really find much about Lena on the web. You will find several sites where you have her short bio, and she is very private. We don’t know much about her private life either. All we know is that she is 28, and she graduated from the University of Louisville. When she was 22, she officially started doing porn, so she was a teen pornstar. She even has an OnlyFans account, and there she posts her risqué content. If you are a fan of this starlet, you know she is very confident about her killer body. And who wouldn’t be with those breasts and that tight ass?

Lena And The Porn Industry

When Lena graduated, she didn’t wait long before she started working as a cam girl. She was a model on Cam Soda, and this was when she was 22. Of course, with those assets and big blue eyes and long blond hair, people started noticing Lena instantly. She was a success – someone you know is destined to become huge in this biz! When Lena was 23, she made her very first AV video, and this was for Reality Kings. She was very lucky because her debut made her popular very fast! The video went viral and so many people learned who Lena Paul was.

To both people and the AV industry Lena Paul was gold! It only took one video for many other AV companies to notice her and get interested, so she had many offers and she didn’t mind getting out of her comfort zone to try various things. She was rewarded with a big number of fans! If you see her on sites like Playboy, Wicked Pictures, Blacked, Zero Tolerance, Naughty America, Mofos, Digital Playground and more – don’t be surprised! She has worked for all these companies for years! And if you are any familiar with the most serious players in this industry, you know these are all renowned studios.

Her work has been rewarding in many ways. She has not just collaborated with other big names and famous adult stars we all like and admire, but she has also received several awards. In 2018, she was given the XRCO Award and in 2018 and 2020 she received the AVN Award. Many agreed that she was the best new actress, so her talent was widely recognized from the outset.

Now, in light of her net worth, Lena is a bit mysterious. We don’t know the figure, but there are rumors that she has at least one million dollars. As a successful cam girl and an adult star, it shouldn’t come as a shock at all! She earns from the porn work, but she is also very famous on social media! She also has OnlyFans, and this is where she charges for her racy content. If you still haven’t checked that out, it’s time you did because you are missing out on a lot!

Her Personal Life And Facts

We can’t really find much about Lena Paul’s family. We don’t know who her parents and siblings are and if she has them. This is because Lena is very private about these things and she doesn’t want people to know anything about her life outside porn. Even if you follow her on social media, you will not be able to learn much. She only posts about her work out routines and work, so she often poses in lingerie. Lena has both Insta and Twitter, and she is active on both these platforms. Her Insta is very sexy because she mostly has photos where she is almost nude, and you can savor her delicious tits and whole hot body, almost entirely exposed. So far, she had posted 244 times and she has almost 2 million followers. She has videos here too. On Twitter, she is also very audacious, so she posts sensitive content, and it is definitely one of those 18+ accounts. She is even more active on Twitter because she has over 13 thousand tweets.

As for the facts, one of them is that Lena likes to travel a lot. Her favorite pastime is spending time on the beach. As a big animal lover, she really likes dogs and cats. Switzerland is her favorite country, and pink is her favorite color. She likes Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Tiger Woods and golf. We don’t know if she plays it, but she says she loves it. She is a driver. She doesn’t like smoking but she doesn’t say no to alcohol. She does yoga, but she isn’t very good at cooking, as she claims. Because she loves animals, she is a vegetarian and she often goes to the gym. She is definitely the epitome of a healthy lifestyle and her body proves it. She is 5’7’’ tall. Does she have a boyfriend? From what we could gather, she is single, but happy. She is not married, that’s for sure. And even if she has a boyfriend, she doesn’t like to show him off. Maybe she is bisexual? She sometimes posts photos with other girls, who are also in swimwear and lingerie. This doesn’t mean that she is into the same sex, but when she does porn, she sleeps with all genders.

Lena Paul’s Sexiest VR Pornos

You will find Lena’s flicks on many premium porn sites, both VR and non-VR. You also have many of her pornos on free tubes like PornHub, VRSmash, xHamster, etc. Malibu Beach House, An Ebony Stud Fucking a Hot Chubby Babe, her anal flicks, her lesbian flicks on Twistys – her resume is so impressive. She has starred in hundreds of pornos, and she is never embarrassed to show us those beautiful assets. Sometimes you will see Lena Paul as a slutty secretary, who is dick-depraved enough to seduce her boss. Maybe you will find her videos in which she is a hot step sister who fucks her bro because he blackmails her. When she is with women, she is very sensual and likes to experiments, so even if she is not bisexual, you will believe she is.

Many of her videos have millions of views, which means that everyone who visits porn sites knows who Lena Paul is. Since she works for Blacked too, she often has sex with ebony men. It actually looks amazing and juicy because she is a blondie with big boobs, who is fair-skinned and even her hairy pussy is fair-haired. When a black bod slams her white pussy, it is something worth seeing. She also agrees to posing nude in public and outdoors, and she is a professional, who doesn’t care if people can see her. Lena is not the slimmest girl you will see, but she looks fit and healthy. This hardcore porn actress sometimes stars in gangbang pornos and rough sex is always an option. What does she prefer? Sleeping with her same-sex colleagues or men? This is also something we would like to know, but she is very secretive about it. We do know one thing, though. It doesn’t matter if she fucks one person or many people in a video, Lena always manages to be the center of attention because she is so savory! This is a girl you never forget! Her curves are so feminine and her attitude is slutty enough to show us she was born for this job. Now, it’s time to watch some of her most popular pornos!