Super Adult Model Vika Is Back

Starring Vika Lita

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Super Adult Model Vika Is Back – Vika Lita has come back to us for a nice shoot. She is our super model, she has the body as hot as any pro model from any Paris model. If you remember her from before she is that sexy tall girl from the Ukraine that is five feet eleven inches tall. That is 180 centimeters tall.

She is one of the most memorable models just on her height alone. She happens to also be a lovely girl with a very cute face and sexy tits. She is absolutely the tallest and leanest model we have ever worked with and each time she comes in she wows our staff with how hot she is.

Today like usual, Vika comes in looking like she just walked off the runway. She is wearing the tiniest of outfits that is part spacesuit part disco dancing dress. It is shiny metallic and is so small that we can clearly see that she decided not to wear any panties.

This dress also does not allow for a bra to be worn so she is almost naked. She lifts her legs as she leans back on the counter and we get a peek of her hot pink pussy. She shaves that pussy clean and always has it ready to show off. She seems to be so fond of her pussy and is always eager to show it to everyone so they can enjoy it as well.

Vika seems to be so horny as she pulls her dress aside so that both her tits pop out the sides. What fucking lovely nipples she has. And now she turns around and picks up a dildo that happens to be big, fat and very thick. And now she sits back and spreads her legs and is going to show us how much she likes this new dildo. Go watch the full video!



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