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Something About 4 Captivating VR Femboys You Must Know Of!

Natalie Mars – A Gem of The Trans Porn World

Something About 4 Captivating VR Femboys You Must Know Of! – Are you ready to meet the queen of shemale porn? One of the sluttiest, most beautiful and salacious trannies in the world, and definitely in the porn industry? This tgirl here… This diva is a temptress you will never forget! She does it so naturally, whenever she stars in a porno. Everyone would fall in love with that beauty. Natalie Mars may have been born like a man, but her face screams woman and she is so feminine! This seductress was born in 1984, and she is an Aquarius.

Her birthday is on February 3, so she is a winter child! When you read reviews and comments about her, you can see how obsessed and enthralled her fans are because they call her an empress among the plebs! And Natalie isn’t just someone who looks pretty. No, she is a very talented sex star, who likes to experiment. She tries something new every month. Sometimes she is a slutty secretary, or a sex-crazed step-daughter, who is confused and likes her mother’s husband too much.

Natalie Mars - TRIPLE ANAL - photo 6 - aShemaletube.com
Natalie Mars

Even though she is not too mature, she plays step-moms sometimes, which can also be so sexy. One role never changes, though – she is always a nymphet addicted to fapping and sex way too much and whoever she plays, she is always so inflamed and that makes her adorable. She jumps on young cocks or she lets older dudes drill that little puckered backdoor of hers. She also sleeps with women because where’s the fun in being attracted to only one sex?

Now, what we like about Natalie is that conspicuous Irish beauty! Her face is a face of an angel! Her eyes are cerulean blue and so big and beautiful. Her lips are sensually full and her body is just perfect! Even her complexion is so milky and lovely, so you can see she is very savory. And what’s interesting about Natalie is that she can be both submissive and docile, and dominant, if you want her to be. You will find Natalie on many premium shemale porn sites, and free tubes often take videos with her from these sites. Check her out to see why she is so magical!

Chanel Santini – A Femboy So Attractive You Will Die

You won’t die, but you will be so sad she is not yours that you will want to! You will at least feel like crying because she is magnetic! That hair, those eyes, that killer body… Chanel is just so damn seductive! She will remind you of the sexiest female pornstars we all like to fap to every day. Her hair is brown, maybe black, which depends on the light.

It is long, curly most of the time, and maybe that is what makes her so damn hot. She has brown eyes, with a lot of eye makeup, but that gives her that look of a sexpot! There is a reason Chanel is one of the top rated femboys on almost every porn site! Well, every shemale porn site. You will find her on the same sites like Natalie Mars and other most popular shemales, and that feminine look will make you click on her thumbnails often! Will she be your favorite tgirl?

Superstar CHANEL SANTINI has been challenged to a fuck off ...
Chanel Santini

Maybe, she looks like a woman-woman, a lady. Nothing on her body says that this was once a male person. But then again, femboys are never really male. They know from the moment they are born that they are different. Beautiful. Unusual. Unique. Chanel is just like Natalie – she says no to nothing! She eagerly plays the role of a voracious step mom, sister, that sultry neighbor, your pornstar girlfriend…. She sleeps with everyone and she impressed us every time!

In fact, the more videos we find of this delicious hot piece of ass, the better! But she is very hard-working, and we expect the best yet to come. When Chanel is having sex, she likes all her holes stuffed, and she gladly stuffs the holes of her fuck buddies. You will see that everyone likes to fuck this brunette diva! Maybe because she is so sexually open and she likes to flirt and tease, in that provocative lingerie that looks so good on her! Whatever she wears, she looks fabulous in it, and you will drool all over her videos on her premium porn sites. Check out what she has and tell us what you think about her.

Venus Lux – A TS Princess from The East

The list would be sexy no matter what shemale pornstar we put here, but let’s mention Venus because you deserve to have an Asian femboy here too! When you see femboys from Asia, there is just something so special about them that no one can resist them! Venus Lux is a cute ts woman, with fake tits, a big dick and small eyes, that actually look very sexy.

She doesn’t have those big blues like Natalie, and she isn’t curly haired and attractive like Chanel, but this shemale sex machine is charismatic and you will like her! No, you will find her enchanting, considering she does porn so naturally. Did Venus know she would want to become a ts adult star one day? Do they know? Or you just realize that one day? One thing is certain – she is talented and she has something that makes people click! You can find her on the best shemale paid porn sites, and she also does VR porn, like every other tranny from this short, but racy list.

venus-lux.tumblr.com - Tumbex
Venus Lux

Her videos are so convenient to name because her moniker Venus rhymes with what? Yeap! They love to come up with punny titles and take advantage of it. But Venus doesn’t only have cool and catchy porn video titles. She is also someone who will win your heart with her acting, her performance, her sex skills! She is a fantastic blowjob giver and she likes her little asshole boinked without mercy by her rapacious male fuck buddies. Venus is also someone who will fuck all genders! That is why she is special, she is an exhibitionist who likes to do everything, even things other femboys would find too slutty!

Venus can be your super naughty schoolgirl, or your sexiest teacher, who gladly bangs you in the classroom or during the detention! But she plays many other roles too, and you won’t even know which is hotter! She has hazel eyes and long, straight brown hair. She started doing porn when she was 22. It all happened when she captured the attention of a kinky porn company, and these folks invited her to work for them, promising her fame and money! They saw she had what it takes, and you will see it too.

Kimber Lee And Her Very Own Porn Site

Ok, this one was saved for the last entry because she is only 22 and she already has her own official porn site! Kimber Lee is Caucasian, a brunette and very young. She has big tits, so when she is in tempting lingerie, she looks so damn sexy! This knockout has that Vamp look because she likes to use dark lipsticks. Red, dark red, purple, brown… Her hair is dark and shoulder-long, and straight most of the time. Her resume is already impressive even though she is a young transsexual girl.

To be a successful pornstar today is not easy, and do you know how hard it is to be a notable shemale adult star? You really need to be special! You really need to be something wow, or you won’t stand out. Kimber sure does! What’s awesome about this starlet is that she is actually from Germany! Yeap, you would expect a fair haired girl, who is blue or green-eyed. Maybe tall, with a sexy masculine voice. But no, Kimber is so feminine and she looks like a woman. Her name rhymes with Tinder, so she has a scene on a premium porn site called Tinder with Kimber!

Hot T-girl Kimber Lee | Page 4 | XNXX Adult Forum
Kimber Lee

Why do porn folks like puns so much? We don’t know, but puns are so cool! And when you see how tempting Kimber is in that flick… You will want to pay up and download it! She likes makeup and she particularly uses eyeliner, which goes great with that dark lipstick. When she combines it with black lingerie… Yummy! She also wears glasses, and that makes her the sexiest teacher she can be! When you check out her videos, don’t skip Black Widow because in this one, she is on fire!

Because Kimber loves her fans, she agrees to VR porn. She knows how much they like to watch her, feeling like she is so close. This diva has no shame and she is very confident, and that is why we all love her! Is she the hottest on the list? You be the judge of that! And who is your favorite tranny?