Sata Jones Spreads Her Legs As Wide As She Can To Finger Fuck Her Pussy In VR

Starring Sata Jones

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Sata Jones Spreads Her Legs As Wide As She Can To Finger Fuck Her Pussy In VR – How great is this? Sata Jones is back!

We had her on once before and she did a great job and we wanted her back! She is one of those surprise girls we call them. We look at her in her street clothes and she looks like the girl who works at the bank or post office. We do not see sexy when we look at her.

And then we bring her in and she heads to the dresser and she comes out looking like one hot sexy babe and we all want to dick her. What a big difference when she is wearing her sexy lingerie and those long black stockings.

I swear our dicks start to water just looking at her and wanting to dive into that slice of pink pie she is hiding in her panties. So today Sata Jones is here and in her special black stockings and lingerie and all we want to do is set up the camera and lights so we can get started and see what magic is going to happen.

We remember well from last time that Sata really knows how to push her knees back far and spread her legs wide. That is what we love to see. We love a hot babe that is going to show us every inch of her hot pussy.

So, Sata comes in and she can see all the hard cocks in the room and she is ready to fuck herself! She is getting wet just watching all of us as we start to pull on our hard cocks.

We try to be discreet but she can clearly see that our cocks are bulging out of our pants and we want some of her sweet hot pussy. Luckily for you the camera is on so you can enjoy the fuck show she gave us.


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