Rest Area Sex

Starring Shona River

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RealityLovers - Rest Area Sex - Road trips can sometimes be boring and other times a lot of fun, obviously, in-car entertainment is important.

Picture this, you are driving along on a stunningly hot summer's day with a smoking hot blonde with ice-blue eyes.

She’s dressed in a slinky peach pink summer dress and it’s a clear road ahead. Our car trip chick Shona River, says she’s tired and hungry… for what we might wonder. Shona the moaner is up to something, what’s this, she’s whipped up her dress in the BMW, looks like she’s a naughty girl without any panties. She’s flashing her shaven haven pussy at our driver, quite a distraction we think.

He tries to keep his eyes on the road but this dazzling hottie with her long blond hair and ice-blue eyes is quite a distraction. Now it's getting tricky as she rubs his cock with her foot, his dick is rapidly inflating like a crash airbag and Shona clearly is feeling horny. She starts playing with her sticky juicy pussy lips, the road conditions seem to be getting wet, at least between her legs.

Shona shoves her fingers in the guy's face, her fingers dripping wet with cunt juice as she’s been diddling her do-da. Now she’s unzipped the driver's dick, wraps her sticky wet fingers around his cock shaft and starts stroking his penis into a raging hard state, his balls twitching as he feels his bell-end aroused, this is too much provocation to drive. They need to stop for some Rest Area Sex.

Finding a place, the SUV back opens up and it's bang time, Shona slides out of her dress, and laying on the opened back door she opens her cunt wide and the fun begins. Stroking the guy's cock creates the inevitable need for a fuck and it looks like he’s clearly in luck. Shona’s moaning again, but this time with boy joy as he pumps her pussy lips, she’s been gagging for that all ride long.

Shona wants to taste cock, it’s dripping with her fanny flavour and he’s a big boy, she said she was hungry after all. Take a look at her pert tits and that smooth ass, perfectly shaped for sit on my face action.

Now back to banging, Shona seems very content with her journey, although they are parked up, they are definitely testing the suspension, not so many bumps but a lot of humping and pumping, she rubs her clit a bit as the fucking seems to have fixed her tiredness, now she’s full of sexual energy. We took you nice and VR close, we are glad you could cum for the ride. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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