Natural Beauty

Starring Lady Lyne

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Natural Beauty – Lady Lyne has had a huge crush on her new stepson for as long as she can remember.

No matter how many guys she fucked, she couldn’t get him out of her mind. She has tried flirting with you and walking around the house half naked, but nothing works.

Then one day she did some snooping in your room. She found your VR Headset and found that you have been watching a ton of VR Porn with taboo themes.

Could it be possible that you are the hots for her too? Lady just has to know the truth and puts on a sexy new lingerie set that she knows makes her body look amazing.

Strutting into your room, she asks you if you like her new outfit. You seem flustered and have to hide the bulge in your pants. Now she knows that you like what you see, she bends over slowly, showing off the back and the way her ass pops out of the suit.

Since you like what you see, she pushes things farther, asking you to take your cock out so she can look at it.

She teases you with her ass, sticking it up in the air and asking if you have ever fantasized about sticking your cock in it. You confess that you have and she rewards you by taking the lingerie off to show you her naked body. With Lady encouraging you, you take out your cock and start to stroke it.

It is bigger than she imagined and she tells you about her forbidden desires. You both get turned on and rush towards a climax. Now that she knows you like her, this will be the first of many that they have together.


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