Mila Ray And Vickie Gold In Some Slapping And Tit Grabbing Fun

Starring Mila Ray & Vickie Gold

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Mila Ray And Vickie Gold In Some Slapping And Tit Grabbing Fun – We hit the VR porn jackpot today. We have two lovely ladies and they are both new to the VR scene.

We are happy to welcome both Miss Mila Ray and Miss Vickie Gold to BaberoticaVR and hope you enjoy their new adventure into the world of VR as much as we have. These two hot Russian dolls have a very unique look about them.

They are very special and getting two of them together in one shoot is magic and a delight for all of us on staff and we hope our members come to enjoy these angels like we have. We get into some light punishment and some sexy fucking in this shoot.

These two young ladies are so happy to be shooting together we think they forgot the camera was there as they got together to eat each other out and finger bang the fuck out of each other’s pussies.

These two really dressed up for the shoot today as well. They are both wearing very cute and sexy outfits and those short skirts and jean shorts do nothing to hide those sexy bums they have. Right off the bat even before we yelled for them to start they were grabbing each other’s ass and Mila had her panties pulled off and her pussy out.

Vickie got her shorts pulled down and then bent over so we could get a great look at that hot pussy from behind as well. These girls then started in with the slapping of asses and then the grabbing of tits and pulling of nipples and slapping of boobs.

Fuck! This is a great show and you should go watch the full version now!


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