Marie And Ka In Their First Lesbian Love Making Scene

Starring Ka Lee & Marie Duval

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Marie And Ka In Their First Lesbian Love Making Scene – A delicious combo meal please. Well, here it is, a nice combo and a sexy hot meal. You can sink your teeth right into these sexy hot Russians who are paired up for you today. We have Miss Marie Duval and Miss Ka Lee. If you remember correctly, Ka is the sexy dirty haired angel that has all the tats. Marie is of course the girl of your dreams with those big fat titties to fuck and suck.

Marie has brought her sexy ass and her big fat tits to play today with our wild and crazy Ka Lee. We think you are going to like watching Ka suck on and play with those tits as much as she enjoyed getting them out to play with. She of course did not stop there and she got into her panties right after she pulled her tits out of her one piece suit. If you notice, Ka did not even take Marie’s clothes off. She was too anxious to get into her panties so she just unsnapped her one piece and turned Marie over doggy style so she could access that hot pussy of hers. Don’t say you would not have done the same. You get yourself a hot piece of pussy like Marie has and you are not waiting to unwrap the whole package before you slide into it.

We really enjoyed watching these two in their first lesbian show. They got out some sex toys as well to play with and they went right at it using them on each other. You are going to really want to download this whole video to watch over and over again. It is that good.



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