Lucho Is Live!

Starring Juan Lucho

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Lucho Is Live! – Juan Luchois sitting down in his red velvet sofa. He is doing an Instagram live streaming video. With his Spanish accent he says that he is going to jerk off for you.

You are watching how every minute more and more people come to the date to watch him. This picture of him being alone and touching himself reminds you of the first time he did this and how it turned you on very much.

He starts to have comments of the people watching: show your feet! So after touching himself a little over his trousers, he takes off his shoes and shows his feet to the camera.

Next, he takes off his t-shirt and he touches his chest; then, he takes off his trousers and get up: he turns around and shows you his ass. After a while showing his amazing body, he takes off his underwear and read the comments: put some oil on you!

He takes an oil bottle he already prepared and puts some on his cock. He starts to masturbate and then he gets up and keeps masturbating.

He sits down and shows you his ass (slapping it), masturbating, showing you his balls… At the end, he will cum and says goodbye and thanks for watching.


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