Love The Candy In My Mouth

Starring Missy Luv

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Love The Candy In My Mouth – You love your girlfriend, but after a few years together the sex is getting a little stale. She is worried you might be drifting apart and after a little snooping, has discovered your VR Porn history and your school uniform fetish. Wanting to spice things up, she does a little shopping and has a huge surprise for you. You are shocked when you come home and find Missy Luv in a short skirt and uniform top. She can see by your reaction that you aren’t quite sure what to do so Missy licks her lollipop and tells you that she has been a very bad girl and needs to be punished. You can see her thin white panties getting wet as she rubs herself and stares at the growing bulge in your pants. Slowly pulling them aside, she gives you a better look but stops you when you try to get too close. This is not that kind of date. This is more of a look and enjoy kind of evening if you’re up for that. Why not? She looks great and is putting on a really good VR porn show as she encourages to take out your cock and jerk it for her. You are happy to show her hard she has made you and join her as she works her fingers over her sweet wet lips. The cute outfit is a nice addition, but you can’t take your eyes off of her tight body and pretty face as she encourages you to for her while she watches. She spreads even wider and drives her fingers in deep while she begs to see you shoot. Who will get there first? You know that no matter who it is, you are both in for a long and wild night.


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