Kitana’s Sugar Star Lollipop

Starring Kitana Montana

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Kitana’s Sugar Star Lollipop – Ah, Kitana Montana! Miley Cyrus would be so envious of you if she saw you here.

Hannah Montana could sing, and what does her namesake here can do? Oh, plenty of things, that’s for sure.

Once you see her in front of you, licking that giant lollipop she is holding firm in her hand, you will crave to see her licking something else. That thing is in your pants, already ready to action, trying to get out through the zipper. And Kitana can sense it easily. You can call it the seventh sense if you wish, but I call it experience.

She’s been doing her job for years. It’s her true area of expertise. Teen girls for sure have some advantages, but while giving you the best VR blowjob experience, regular practice is absolutely indispensable.

That’s where girls like this one can distinguish themselves. But first, she’d love to play with you for a little while, like most girls here on Swallowbay. How? Primarily, she takes her time to warm up herself by working her long and strong tongue over this delicious lolly. It’s like in sport, you should know. No one should ever run in a competition not having warmed up himself first.

If you think that Usain Bolt has broken the world sprint record without any exercise first, you are wrong. So please, give her some time. Once she gets ready, she will prove she’s much better in her discipline than both Usain and Hannah combined in theirs. It will be a bit of a challenge for her, but winning is what she loves. She will get closer and closer to you.

You won’t even realise how fast she is until you will feel her shaky breath on your throbbing cock. Kitana has been looking out for landing her hands and mouth on it for a while already. But here she is, finally. Once you glance at her, you will be able to spot the smile of that fulfilled woman. You will be a witness to her dreams coming true after so much time of waiting for them.

And she is very, very grateful for that. This babe has come here exactly to prove to you how deeply moved she is by your act of sparing her those very moments. While stuffing her face with your shaft, she may even cry from delight. She is here for you and you are here for her, so be considerate of that babe. And your fat load is here for her too, hell yes.

But first, perhaps, consider getting into that tight pussy of hers. We are all here for watching some great VR porn video, after all, are we not? This cock expert was created for that very purpose, exactly for getting into you this day. Your only task is to make her feel you deep down in her body, to show off your skills just a bit. This hot milf couldn’t have made it any easier for you. And she’s ready for you. Remember, be better than Usain.


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