Kendra’s Sweetheart Swirl Bark

Starring Kendra Cole

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Kendra’s Sweetheart Swirl Bark – There are some girls in the world who always confuse love with lust and that’s not a bad thing at all for the guy on the receiving end. Just because she happens to fill that void of companionship in her life with cock doesn’t mean that the mouth girl shouldn’t be enjoyed.

When you lay your eyes on Kendra, with her small tits and sexy tattoos, you’ll see why you should never overlook these women. This babe has the kind of skinny body that can make you blow your load the second you see it with her stockings pulled up her warm thighs.

This beauty is working on her long, hard candy and just dreaming about the taste of cock in her mouth instead of the sugar. It’s no surprise at all that she doesn’t waste a single second in getting onto her knees to crawl over to the nearest dick. That’s when you realize that even her eyes were built to let you know that this honey wants it.

Her irises are in the shape of hearts and this hottie is sure to look deep into your eyes when you feel her soft lips wrap around your throbbing shaft. Don’t worry if you can’t last long with Kendra. This girl is an expert at what she does and her gentle hand caressing your swollen balls is always going to make them explode faster than any of the other girls can ever manage. Shooting your load shows her that you love her and that’s what she’s after.

Give her that salty and sticky proof of your affections and you’ll make her the happiest girl on the planet. There’s always something that this cutie wants to show you with her mouth, so don’t let it scare you away. Kendra is really just saying “I love you” to your cock.



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