Katty Likes To Show Off Her Sexy Feet

Starring Katty West

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Katty Likes To Show Off Her Sexy Feet – This is our day so far, and here is our angel, Katty West who likes to show off her sexy feet in Virtual Reality. We have a new model to introduce and she heard our members like to watch girls shake their ass, show off their tits, and show their feet up close in the VR camera.

So, we introduce Katty West and hope you like her because she was sure to do all the things our members love.

We pride ourselves in having a site that doesn’t just show you some sexy new model spreading her legs. But a new model that brings something exciting and new to our site. Someone you have not seen before doing something fun. We are all about the fun and Katty was kind enough to bring some of it and she shoved it up her cute lil ass for us.

As a fun surprise, Katty drops her shorts and shows off her ass. And then we notice something different. She isn’t showing us just that fucking hot ass of hers, and you agree it is a fucking hot ass right? Katty is showing us that she has a butt plug shoved up her ass and it has been there since at least when she walked in the studio earlier in the day.

It isn’t our butt plug so it has to be hers. Then Katty decides that she is going to lift her top and show off her sexy abs and her cute titties. We want those titties in our mouth. What a perfect set of tits Katty has. So anyway, back to her sitting back on the sofa and spreading her legs.

She then pulls out a dildo and shoves it deep into her pussy. That is what she wanted to do, no direction from us. Just a hard shove deep into her pretty shaved pussy. Go see what else she did for us in the full length video in the member section.


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