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Have some fun with this free Beat Saber like adult game – VR Ero-Beat

People have been asking for a while now for a kinky Beat Saber like game. And we have to thank myHTML5game for this kinky delight.

What is it?

VR Ero-Beat is a basically a rhythm game that is easy to learn and hard to master. But with the right motivation, I am sure you will be able to perfect your skill in no time.

Basically, what you have to do is use your pointers to guide balls to the girl’s body and have her react in cute ways, undress her, or even interact with toys.

Something I really enjoyed about the game is the ability to use Hand Tracking. Now that brings the pleasure to a whole new level.

How to play?

It’s actually pretty easy. The game is made in WebXR so you can play it in browser. Just load your headset (from the developer: for now, only Oculus Quest and Oculus GO is supported) and play! Even better, the game is totally free and you can create your own maps and add your own music.

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There is no reason not to give the game a try. And if you like it, support the creator 🙂