From The Vault: Lily Adams

Starring Lily Adams

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You (Ryan Driller) have always had a thing for Lily. She has that girl next-door look that brings neighborhood dads to their front door every time she walks by. She has that innocent look, but deep down you know there must be something naughty. Isn’t that always how it goes” Since growing up with Lily, you’ve had an eye for her and this has only grown as she has become more beautiful. But since you grew up friends, you assumed you had been friend zoned (and nobody likes that).

One morning, the two of you had a date to go out. She wanted help picking out a gift for her boyfriend, and, of course, being the great guy you are she asked for your help. You naturally would do anything you could to spend time with her, but picking out another guy’s gift wasn’t exactly your cup of tea. So, when your alarm went off in the morning you slapped it off and went back to sleep.

Lily wasn’t all too happy to find you still sleeping when she stopped by, but she turned that disappointment into the moment you’ve waited for your entire life. In the middle of your slumber, you felt something warm and wet wrap around your cock. Thankfully your dick responded faster than your head. As you slowly regained consciousness your cock was already fully erect and slipping in and out of Lily’s mouth. The sight of her head bobbing up and down on your thick manhood makes you even harder. Sensing eyes on the top of her head all she does is look up at you, wink, then go back to work. Amazing.

With you ready for action, Lily sits fully down onto your shaft. The two of you moan simultaneously. Your dick expanding while her pussy contracts around you. The perfect fit. Sliding up and down every inch, all you can do is layback and watch. Wanting to feel you even deeper into her body, she performs a perfect spin, rotating around without pulling you out, going into full reverse cowgirl. Watching that sweet, naked ass bounce up and down off of your thighs will be burned into your memory for the rest of your life.

As Lily’s leg muscles start to wear out, she lays back on your chest, allowing you to fully take over the thrusting. Glistening from sweat, your panting and hers become one as your bodies become interlocked. She moves to lay on top of you, chest to chest. This way, she can feel you continue to grow while looking into your eyes. Her perky tits remain hard as glass as you tell her about the gift you want to give her. Understanding, she slides off of your cock and licks up her own juices from your shaft. Seeing this visual, you can’t help but unleash what you’ve had stored up for Lily your entire life. Thankful for your present, she devours every drop.


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