Emma’s Candy Heart Lollipop

Starring Emma Hix

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Emma’s Candy Heart Lollipop – Each second you spend hesitating will mean for this babe a formidable pain. She’s been waiting the whole week to get her own taste of you. And let’s be honest; she just can’t wait any longer.

Do you know this feeling when you haven’t jerked off for too long and you are unable to focus on anything except that one thing? If you can recall this state of mind, you probably can emphasise it with Emma right now. Giving you a head today has been this girl’s highlight of the week. She consulted a lot of make-up experts and beauticians on how she should look today and what kind of clothes to wear.

And all of that with the simple objective of giving you the best full-length VR porn experience. She even told her friend she dreamt about this very day. Whatever this kitten does, she always does her best in absolutely everything. So spending today’s night with you is no exception. You don’t need to look at her slutty clothes to be aware of her intentions. Even when you start caressing her nipples, she won’t be focused on that.

Theoretically, you may hear some of her moans, but the thought of going down on you rather caused them. She has eagle eyes when it comes to seeing aroused men. If you only let her undo the zipper… Her gratitude would have no limits. Trust me. This way, you would be guaranteed to get the most sensual blowjob you can find anywhere. Yes, we all know it’s tempting.

But like always, let her linger on this for a little longer. Then, precisely at the instant, you see she can’t hold herself back any longer, press her hungry mouth onto your throbbing cock. It will be still hidden in the boxers. Nonetheless, she will find a way round to get to what she really desires. Now you can relax. Let her do the sloppy blowjob she’s been dreaming of.

The only thing you should care about at this very moment is to avoid getting your balls emptied out too quickly. We all know that Emma Hix loves the taste of man’s gravy. However, it’s not a reason to let her digest it too soon. If you want her to show off the artistry, she has and thus be an eyewitness of the best blowjob VR sex clip ever filmed, sacrifice yourself for a while.

You are guaranteed that your unequivocal commitment to the case was worth it. And when you can’t wait any longer, let yourself give up. You’ve been fighting bravely. Once you open your eyes and see Emma’s serene expression… You will be sure you did your best.

Having such a tremendous cumshot, you allowed this girl to experience the most outstanding VR blowjob facial she could even imagine. As soon as she unwillingly leaves the room, you may be confident all her friends will hear about it. And then you won’t be able to get rid of all of those girls offering you deepthroat blowjobs.


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