Discovering Liv Revamped

Starring Liv Revamped

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Discovering Liv Revamped – You have noticed your sexy neighbor Liv Revamped from afar, and have also peeked at her when she does her sexy VR porn live cam shows from the backyard.

You think you were sly, but she noticed you watching and now has an idea. She has something naughty in mind and knows just how to convince you to go along with the plan. She puts on a sexy little lingerie number that she knows you can’t resist and invites you over.

You can’t believe she is dressed and gets nervous when she tells you that knows this is your favorite. Worried that you have been caught, you are put at ease when she asks if you like to watch her do a show live for you.

You aren’t about to turn that down, especially when she bends over to show you a sexy ass. Liv likes showing off and giving you a personal VR Sex Show just feet away from you.

Teasing you is fun and since she can see you are getting turned on, Liv demands that you take out your cock and show her how much you are enjoying yourself before she continues. You agree right away and true to her word, she slips out of her bra and panties while you stroke yourself.

Seeing you pump your prick turns her on and she gets naughtier by the stroke. Liv’s legs spread wide and her fingers slip into the sweet pink folds of her pussy.

She drops a bomb on you, telling you that she is looking for a co-star for her live shows. Your cock is big enough, but she needs to know that you can finish on cue. You do exactly that, exploding for her and hoping she is serious about the offer.


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