Diana’s Ice Popsicles

Starring Diana Grace

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Diana’s Ice Popsicles – Blondes have more fun and Diana has lived her entire life by those words.

This is the kind of girl who’s always in the mood to have a good time, no matter what else is going on around her.

It’s not an uncommon thing to see her strip off every last shred of clothing covering her skinny body when this hottie is with friends. Nothing amps up a party like a filthy girl in nothing but her sexy stockings and that’s why she’s always high up on the guest list.

There’s just not a single day where this babe is never more than a few minutes away from handing out orgasms like candy and this girl’s blowjobs are really just her handshakes.

Diana’s sexy smile and light blue eyes are here to greet you and you’re never going to want to look away from them ever again.

It’s a very good thing that this enchantress makes a point of staring deep into your eyes as this mouth girl gets down onto her knees and gets ready to say hello to your throbbing cock.

All it takes is the feeling of her soft palms and slender fingers on your shaft to send a jolt of electricity up and down your spine. Diana knows what she’s doing and you’re just going to be along for the ride on this one.

It’s just a matter of time before this gorgeous girl wraps her pouty lips around your head and accepts your pulsating dick all the way into her warm and friendly mouth.

You’re definitely going to be ready to blow your entire load after her tongue takes just a few trips from your glans to your balls but try to hold it back.

Make Diana work for her sticky and salty prize and you might just get another handshake from her when you meet again!



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