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4 Free Juicy Queening VR Pornos to Watch Tonight

Natalie Flowers Squirts Into Her BF’s Mouth

4 Free Juicy Queening VR Pornos to Watch Tonight – If you are into queening, aka face sitting, you should see how miss Flowers does it to her fuck buddy! We know that men are mostly fuckers, and their chicks are the fuckees, but when you see how Natalie is wrecking her man’s face with her pussy lips, you will feel like she is the fucker here!

The video has over 2 million hits on PornHub, and you can watch it for free on this free tube. The rating is also very high – 88%, which means so many fap addicts were pleased to see how this temptress squirts into this fella’s mouth! What a sight for the hard balls! Natalie Flowers has a beautiful puckered asshole, and she likes to show it off for the views. When she sits on his face, she makes sure the camera captures her asshole well!

This free 12-minute video on PH cuts to the chase – no foreplay or anything, the video starts with his tongue deep in her vulva! In fact, you see the closeup of her ass, and you can see how her asshole ‘’is breathing’’. The pussy of this diva looks so juicy, succulent and so damn pink! It is not a video that has it all – the meeting, the foreplay, the blowjob… However, this is a perfect queening video, where this act is the one we can focus on. We don’t see how the dude looks like, and we don’t even see how Natalie looks like – just a lot of pussy licking, when the chick is on top.

And yes, you will see that this guy has a hot chin. But that’s pretty much it! Now, there are richer videos and maybe the ones more sex-packed, but if you just want to see the face sitting part, this video is the right choice! You will also see Natalie’s adorable little bush, so at least we know that this babe is a brunette! Or, well, a natural brunette. Before the video ends, you will see the squirting, right in the mouth! It’s a bit yuck, but it can also be so sexy, if that turns you on. Girls eat cum all the time, why wouldn’t boys drink the pussy waterfall??

A Pink-Haired Cutie Fucks Her BF’s Blindfolded Face

This video is sexy on so many levels! First of all, you have a slim girl, who is wearing a pink wig. All you can see is that her bootie is succulent, and her pussy is shaved. This video was uploaded by someone who calls themselves Lolliepopxxx, and we assume it is the star of the flick. She is petite, her ass is big enough and her pussy looks so delicious. She blindfolded her man, probably because he didn’t want to be seen. She didn’t want it either, so we don’t see the faces in this video.

The video is 12-minutes long, and it is free because you can find it on PH, when you type face sitting in their search bar. It is one of the first videos to appear on the page because it is one of their top-rated flicks. It was uploaded 10 months ago and it has a million and three hundred views. It is actually a very sensual video, and this is because she moves in a very seductive way, while rubbing his lips with her juicy pussy. He licks her in a very rapacious way, but that starts after a few minutes. Her starts the licking very slow and sensual, but things get flaming hot very fast so they can’t help but getting so passionate.

The hottie never shows her pussy, but we see how her ass cheeks go up and down, left and right. Did we forget to mention that she is wearing white leggings? So yeah, that makes her look even more adorable! The video isn’t that rich with acts, like some other PornHub videos with many views.

The fact is that here you only watch this blindfolded stud with a hot chin licking his GF, whose face is not revealed. It doesn’t look like a bedroom, it looks like a hotel room, where they are doing it. If you don’t like queening pornos, this won’t impress you much, but if you like face sitting the most, this video will be everything you need! When you combine it with other pornos from the short list, you will have an hour of nice fapping.

Her Bubble Butt Is On His Face!

Another sizzling hot queening video from this delectable little list! This is a porno you can find on free tubes like PorhHub and it’s gratis, OFC. It is a porno of an amateur, who likes to upload on sites like PH. Her, or his username is Sex Addiction, and that is all we know. We are not sure if this is a chick, or a dude, who uploads his sex tapes with hotties. But it doesn’t matter, right?

When you are on PH, just type Sex Addition and Big Ass, Face – these are the keywords for this clip! It’s not a professional porno with stars such as Riley Reid, Abella Danger, Lily Larimar and, you know, other sexpots we are used to watching naked and getting dicked, but at least this chick has a really beautiful ass! It’s a big, round ass that looks so hot under that tiny waist. And when the chick places her pussy on the dude’s lips – it’s when the party starts! What’s interesting here is that we can see the face of the dude who is doing the lickin’.

On other pornos from the list, we don’t know who the stars are. Here, you see the fuckee, in this scenario. Of course, the fuckee is the stud because he is the one who is being pussied! Maybe this is not a real word, but we just wanted to use it first. Maybe it will catch on? You know how men dick women? Well, why can’t women pussy men? Men get pussied! It should be a legit word! Anyway, the video is shorter than the previous two.

It runs for 6 minutes, and these 6 minutes are pretty much all devoted to face sitting. The girl keeps moving and writhing, contorting the body so sexily that you won’t even pay attention to the man’s face! Her ass is all you will look at, and we see that her pussy looks shaved and clean. Again, this is only a queening video, so you won’t see much here. If you want buggering, blowjobs, pussy dicking and more, find it somewhere else. Here the video starts with face sitting, and it ends with face sitting!

A Tattooed Butt And Her Tied-Up BF

If you like the previous pornos, you will most definitely like this one! Here we have a blonde sexpot with a butt tattoo, and she humps the face of her boyfriend. The tattoo is a rose, on her right buttock. First she ties him up, though. Is this one of those femdom videos? You can see it that way! He can easily be her sex slave, the one who is submissive and compliant. Her sex toy is on the floor, sitting and looking at her dance and strip sensually.

She is in black, and her underwear is black. It actually looks so sexy because she is a blonde! A badass blonde, who knows what she wants in bed! Out of all the hotties from the list, this one flick seems the most vivacious! She jumps and dances, she is very playful and so enticing! She even twerks! She definitely looks like she is having the most fun, and her lover seems to really like it! Everything is so racy, sensual, and you won’t think the girl is a slut – you will think the dude is!

They make a great pair. She is the dominant boss bitch, and she is the obedient little pussy sucker! And do you know what’s cool about this one? You see both of their faces, and their whole bodies! Maybe because of this you will find the video the best, and that is why we saved it for the last entry. And what do you think about those femdom videos, in which babes are dominant and they fuck the faces of their men with their pussy lips? If you like this list, leave a comment.

These are the 4 free top-rated queening videos on PornHub and other free tubes, and you may know these amateur performers. They upload freely for the tube, so that everyone can see their sex tapes.

What would you like to read next time? Maybe the juiciest anal fuck flicks? Maybe the best VR porn networks?

Which video from the list did you find the most enticing? When you feel like fapping like a boss and you have 40 minutes to spare, these 4 videos should make you feel good, so have fun!

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